Quality Control Equipment

Focus on Quality has been a common thread in all manufacturing activities at Jaya Hind Industries’ rather it is an integral part of Jaya Hind Industries overall strategy. It is aptly reflected in Jaya Hind Industries’ choice of manufacturing equipment, which is best-in-class, not only in India but all over the world. In line with its quality philosophy, Jaya Hind Industries has chosen “best-in-class” quality control equipment sourced from all over the globe.

Right from incoming metal to the finished products, Jaya Hind Industries has built “quality gates” at every stage of manufacturing to ensure defect free product supply to its customers. Apart from building a “Fire Wall”, Jaya Hind Industries has designed its manufacturing processes to make them mistake-proof by installing “Poka Yokes”, and has implemented principles of “lean manufacturing” by eliminating wastages. It has installed best-in-class manufacturing equipment which has built-in process control features like real time controls on casting machines etc.

Advanced manufacturing systems like APQP, Control Plans,PPAP are implemented before the mass production starts. Techniques like Six Sigma, Statistical Process Control (SPC), Quality Circles are practiced to achieve the tough quality objectives expected in auto-component industry.


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Urse, Maharashtra

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