KS-Huayu Alutech GmbH, Germany

This company is part of Rheinmetal Group of Germany and is engaged in development of Cylinder Blocks and Structural parts for the European automotive industry. Its foot print spans across Asia in the form of joint ventures (in China) and technical licensing (in India). This company specializes in High Pressure and Low Pressure die casting processes for development and manufacturing of cylinder blocks and structural parts.

They have also mastered Gravity Die Casting process for Cylinder Heads and have captured a significant market share of the Chinese market. Their customer base includes world’s most prestigious brands like Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Porsche, AUDI, Volkswagen etc.

Jaya Hind Industries has entered into a Technical Licensing Agreement with KS-Huayu for development and manufacturing of Cylinder Blocks and Structural parts in India. Partnership between the two die casting giants encompasses joint development of critical tools for cylinder blocks, process development, equipment selection and procurement, building project specific manufacturing set up in India, High Pressure & Low Pressure process development for Indian customers, concurrent engineering with Indian auto makers or Indian subsidiaries of global auto giants, optimization of production process, evolution of quality monitoring system and documentation, rejection monitoring and control over lifetime of the project.