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Jaya Hind Industries Ltd (JHI), Pune based Aluminium Die Casting Company, and Montupet S.A, an industry leader in the manufacture of complex cast aluminium components, have entered into a Joint Venture for the development and manufacture of automotive cylinder heads in India.

This joint venture will bring together the product development and concurrent engineering strengths of Montupet S.A., and cost efficient manufacturing experience and in-depth market knowledge of Jaya Hind Industries. A combination of world-class technologies and cost-management competencies will be the core strength of this venture. Both JHI and Montupet will now be able to cater to the requirements of various OEM’s not just in India but also in other Asian markets like China, South-East Asia and the Far East.

With this Joint Venture Montupet S.A. now extends its manufacturing footprint across Asia tapping into newer markets. JHI will have access to Montupet’s global technology to manufacture world class automotive components and align it with the “cost-effective” manufacturing techniques.

To learn more about Montupet S.A please click here: http://www.montupet.fr/

In line with its strategy to move up the value chain, Jaya Hind entered into critical product line of Aluminium Cylinder Blocks. The critical nature of the part warranted a strong technical support and Jaya Hind decided to join hands with KSAT Ag, Germany.

KSAT Ag is part of multi-billion Euro industrial conglomerate of Pierburg Group. This company specializes in manufacturing of Cylinder Blocks for high end engines for high end car brands like Porsche, AUDI, VW, Jaguar, Daimler to name a few. In addition to this, they also have Cylinder Head manufacturing expertise, with large scale production facilities in China and Europe. Jaya Hind will be KSAT Ag’s exclusive partners in India for all die casting product range.

As a first step, Jaya Hind has entered into a technical know-how agreement for Cylinder Blocks, Bed Plates and Cylinder Heads. Under this agreement, KSAT Ag will assist Jaya Hind right from design stage, simulation, advanced product quality planning, process development, facility selection and layouts, quality parameters and productivity achievement.

Second step towards larger co-operation would be to enter into a financial Joint Venture. Jaya Hind has already signed a Letter of Intent with KSAT Ag to form a joint venture in India. Under the JV, KSAT Ag will send their expert managers in the field of production, quality and engineering who will be stationed in India. Their presence will enable Jaya Hind to have access to latest technology for Cylinder Blocks, Bed Plates and Cylinder Heads.

In addition to this, with KSAT Ag’s front end support in Europe & strong technology base in India, Jaya Hind is well poised to gain entry into the European auto-component markets and also address global demand of automotive engine and transmission parts.

Meissner is a very reputed company in Germany for Gravity Die Casting tools. Jaya Hind has a business co-operation with this company for sourcing of dies and core boxes for Cylinder Heads.

Jaya Hind tied-up with this company in 1989 for manufacturing of AC Generators (ACG) for two wheeler industry. Jaya Hind is currently supplying 40000 ACGs per month to Hero Honda.

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